acupuncture faq

Acupuncture assists in treating immediate symptoms, as well as underlying imbalances to a person’s wellbeing by improving overall health and immune system. Many people say they feel greater energy and focus following treatment. Acupuncture is effective in treating acute and chronic conditions. Early treatment of minor symptoms can help prevent more serious health problems from arising. Many people committed to a healthy lifestyle use acupuncture to help them maintain their well being.

What is acupuncture and how does it work?

Let us get right to the point… acupuncture involves needles. 

Treatment involves the gentle insertion of very thin needles at specific points on the body. Sometimes needles are retained for upwards of an hour. Other times they are immediately removed from the body. There are different treatment techniques and each is chosen to fit the patient.

Is there pain?

Not typically. Most people feel a subtle pressure sensation with the needle insertion and others say they feel a quick and momentary sharp pinch that goes away quite quickly.

What if I am scared of needles?

I will be completely honest. I am afraid of needles. Did you see the mention of 100 acupuncture needles magnetized and held on the tip of a hypodermic? Yes! That is how thin, like a human hair or whisker, the acupuncture needle is.

Yes, but I’m still scared.

That is fine. I am trained and perhaps because of my own squeamishness about hypodermic needles I am particularly sensitive to helping people who are scared of needles. There are other methods of treating that do not involve the insertion of needles including gua sha, cupping, moxibustion, and seeds.

Beyond the needle!

I am also trained to support you in making beneficial lifestyle changes and nutritional advice to support your healing process. In the presence of this subtle and profound form of medicine, symptoms often resolve and people experience deep personal transformation.

How long will it take to see the effects?

Many patients notice a difference after their initial treatment. Treatments are cumulative; they build on each other and with regular treatments, the effects last longer and longer. The first treatment may provide relief for a few hours or a day, and the second treatment may last a day or two, and so on.  The more frequent the treatment, the stronger the effect. Because of this, I like to schedule several treatments close together at first and then as symptoms begin to resolve, increase the time between appointments.

Can I afford multiple treatments so close together?

The answer is yes! I provide both private appointments and community style acupuncture (which I will explain momentarily). I work with you and your financial situation. Currently I am in the process of being credentialed to take insurance.

Are there side effects?

Most patients report feeling calm and relaxed with even one treatment. Being calm and relaxed is a key part of healing. When the body is calm it can heal. Occasionally a person will experience light bruising or minor bleeding from where a needle was placed. This does not mean the needle was placed incorrectly. Often bleeding happens to release heat from the body and is a useful thing. Occasionally an old symptom will show up again. This is a healing process and results from your body releasing the memory of the illness or trauma and should last no more than a day or two. Generally people feel great after this clears. If such an issue arise, contact me. I am here to help and answering questions and concerns are part of my duty to heal.