private or community style acupuncture

private treatment or community style acupuncture

You are probably asking yourself what is the difference between private treatments and community style acupuncture?

Many people can not afford healthcare because of rising costs or lack of insurance. Out of this need grew the movement of community style or community based acupuncture. Hence the motto of the group I work with in Laurel, “Affordable and Effective Care for the Whole Community”. The founder of Neighborhood Acupuncture wants healthcare to be accessible to all who need it. Thus was born his acupuncture practice which he has opened for others to offer services out of.

private treatment

Private acupuncture treatments are familiar. You will be shown to a private treatment room with soft lighting and mediative music available. There are comfortable massage tables with heated pads in each room as well as massage chairs available. We will meet in this room for your consultation and pulse taking. Your acupuncture treatment will take place in this comfortable environment.

With community style acupuncture you will be shown to the community room with subdued lighting; soft, mediative music playing; and comfortable zero-gravity chairs circling the perimeter of the room. There will be other patients receiving treatment in this room. Everyone keeps conservation brief and low. Most people fall asleep during treatment. This is a wonderfully relaxing environment as a community of like minded individuals seeking relief and wellness have gathered for treatment. Your consultation and pulse taking will be conducted with discretion and then your treatment will happen with you reclining in the zero-gravity chair.

what is the difference?

Some people will need through their diagnosis full body acupuncture treatments that can only be conducted in private. Private treatments costs more. I will work with you to help make your treatment plan affordable.

With community style acupuncture, you pay based on a sliding scale from $20 to $40 for treatment. I only needle points that are accessible by rolling up sleeves and pant legs.