Heart Lessons Series: The Reservoir of Heaven

The Reservoir of Heaven, Tian Chi, the entry point of the Pericardium or Heart Protector meridian, and Pericardium 1

From Debra Kaatz’s “Characters of Wisdom”:

Tian Chi is a reservoir of heavenly abundance. It is the entry point of the Heart Protector meridian where it receives the inherited resources of the kidneys. We only need a drop of this vastness to see how life can be different, more meaningful and rich in spirit. When we have this fluid water of heavenly insight we can see how to protect our love and allow the gateway to open and close appropriately. Water has the ability to flow in powerful surges or to be reflective and calm like a lake reflecting the light of the moon in the stillness of a winter’s night. No matter how water is divided or agitated it always has the ability to find its way back to a place where it is evenly balanced. In this way it is always itself and needs neither adornment or ornamentation. It represents our inner essence and the very depth of our spirit. Out of our own deep inner source all things are fresh and inspired. Tian Chi is this reservoir of heavenly inspirations.

There are many images and functions in this paragraph about the first point and the entry point on the Heart Protector meridian. There is nothing magical or mystical about water’s power to find the lower level; to spread out to fill the container made available; and in the end to settle and be calm. It is factors like wind and heat that agitate and drive water into states other than its basic calm state.

Although the Heart Protector is a Fire official the comparison with water for this point is due to its name, which includes a “water” word, reservoir or container. The Heart Protector’s responsibility is simply that, to protect the Heart. The Heart must remain calm and serene in order to carry out its function as our Supreme Controller, our royal self. Thus calm should surround the Heart and settle errant energies to their lowest level.